Grass-leaved Bladderwort

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Grass-leaved Bladderwort is an insectivorous aquatic herb, 5-15 cm tall. The root fibres have small bladders. Linear oblong grass-like leaves, coming out straight from the root, are 6-10 mm long. Flowers appear on erect filament-like scapes 5-15 cm tall. Scapes are 2-6 flowered. Slender stalks are 6-8 mm long. Flowers are 2-lipped, fragrant, bluish purple. Upper lips small, 4 mm, obovate, narrowed at the base. The larger lower lip is deeply convex, 10-15 mm, almost circular, bluish purple with a pale purple and veined center. The slender, curved spur is 8-12 mm long. It is occasionally found on wet rocks in grasslands at hight elevations in the Western Ghats.


Grass-leaved Bladderwort, Kaas Plateau

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