Lanceleaf Forget-Me-Not

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Lanceleaf Forget-Me-Not is an erect much branched, biennial or perennial herb, growing up to 1.2 m tall. Stem and branches are covered with rigid white hairs 1-2 mm long. Basal leaves are stalked lanceshaped, including stalk 10-20 x 2-4 cm. Upper surface is covered uniformly with thin hairs, lower surface is densely hairy. Stem leaves similar, but smaller and nearly stalkless. Flowers are borne in cymes all along the branches, white to sky blue. Flower stalks are very short in flower, up to 3 mm and reflexed in fruit. Sepals are densely hairy externally, hairless within, up to 2 mm long in fruit, spreading. Petals are ovate-obtuse. Flower throat scales are broader than long. Fruits consist of 4 small nutlets, covered in sticky hairs.


Lanceleaf Forget-Me-Not