Vinca-leaved Ceropegia

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Vinca-Leaved Ceropegia is a herbacious climber with flattened tuber. Stems are twining, hairless. Leaves are ovate with a heart-shaped base and long-pointed tip, with upper surface hairy. Flowers are borne in many-flowered clusters carried on hairy stalks. Flower-stalks are hairless. Flowers are 3-8 cm long, yellowish, with a swollen ovoid portion occupying the lower 1/3 or 1/4 part of the flower-tube. Sepals are linear. Flower tube has purple stripes in the upper half, widening in a funnel-shaped manner towards the mouth. The tube open into 5 petals, 1.5-3.5 long, linear from a triangular-ovate base, pointed at the tip, fused into a narrow ovoid cage. Petals are folded back along the mid-rib, inside velvety, with hairy margin, lower half pale green, upper half dark green.


Vinca-leaved Ceropegia